Kojima’s Death Stranding Info: An Action Game, No Del Toro Involvement, Secret Behind Game’s Name Out

Death Stranding Screenshot

After the event at YouTube live broadcast hosted by Geoff Keighley, Hideo Kojima revealed some additional interesting details about Death Stranding. Firstly, Kojima revealed that Del Toro is not at all involved in Death Stranding (it is just Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima from Silent Hills/P.T). He then went on to confirm once and for all that the Kojima Productions logo has nothing to do with the game, it is just a logo, no hidden secret related to the game.

Death Stranding

About Death Stranding, Kojima reveals that it is going to be an Action Game. When asked to give some details on game’s setting and lead protagonist name? Kojima said these details are still “Secret”.

About release window for Death Stranding, Kojima said that the game will take “some time” to make so do not expect it anytime soon.

When being asked about the title “Death Stranding”, Kojima said the game name is related to the stranding of something that is dead, like a whale on a beach, something from some other world comes to a new place.