Konami Keeps Running Its Triple-A Video Games Business Thanks To PES 2017 And FOX Engine: PR


Konami isn’t giving up on triple-A video games business, according to Steve Merrett, who works at Voltage PR, the PR firm handling the Japanese publisher’s communication in the United Kingdom. According to Merrett, there’s no risk Konami will renounce to established intellectual properties such as PES 2017 and tech as the FOX Engine.


“Well, PES 2017 is coming,” Merrett said. “If that’s not enough indication that Konami is still interested in the market, then I don’t know what is,” Merrett told us at E3.

“FOX engine is a constantly evolving beast,” Merrett said. “It’s one where it’s been adapted perfectly for PES now. So what it allows us to do is, it’s just giving us ever more accuracy in terms of it handles the animation, and the faces, and stuff like that. It does it all in real time. So it means that we can focus on the animation and the gameplay. Making sure everything is smooth and the FOX engine handles everything else. One of the reasons why PES is so fast is because of that engine.”

This adds basically nothing to what we already knew. Based on that, PES 2017 is the only new triple-A currently in the works at Konami, and the only to properly take advantage of the FOX Engine tech that powered Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

After Silent Hills/P.T. was canceled, it became sadly clear what Konami has in store for the future, although we’re ready, of course, and even eager to hear more about their plans if they can ultimately make us change our minds.