Konami To Develop and Focus on Music Games

Konami recently reveal their financial report details giving the complete details of what amount they will be spending in next fiscal year but they also reveal that this time their main focus will be on music game which is our main point to look into. Konami feels and expect that it is this genre which has a strong urge in the gamer and

This is what there Konami report said “We will focus our efforts on the music game Dance Dance Revolution series – which remains a perennial favorite – and other music games, which is a genre that Konami exhibits particular strength in.”

Konami has buy out the right is some of the music game title which includes the likes of Def Jam Rapstar, a karaoke/rap game which will include a important feature video sharing for the console platform xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and also for the handheld Wii.

So don’t get surprise if you see lots of game title from Konami based on music.