Kratos Confirmed As Lead Protagonist Of God of War PS4 And The Next Games

God of War 4

Last week’s God of War E3 2016 presentation shocked the world of video games with a brand new setting and an old, new protagonist in the person of Kratos. We say it’s old because he is always the same god killer we learnt all about in the first four games, but he is also a bit new because of his appearance and age.

God of War PS4: Kratos

With God of War being set many years later the end of God of War III, we’re going to play a much older Kratos throughout the game and creative director Cory Barlog confirmed we’ll be doing that all along the adventure – so it’s not something like “ok, let’s us Kratos in the first half and then the son grows up/take his place”. Nope.

Moreover, Barlog confirmed this won’t not only happen in God of War ‘reboot’, but also in further games: Kratos is still being considered the absolute protagonist of this series, so there’s not going to be some kind of turnover with his son at some stages in the next few titles in this new deal.

God of War is releasing next year for PlayStation 4.