The official L.A. Noire Switch trailer reveals some interesting new tweaks


L.A. Noire is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch next week on Nov. 14, and for many players, it’ll likely be their first brush with the game. There’s a new trailer out in anticipation of its release, and it reveals some very interesting changes made for the remastered version. 

Touch screen controls have been implemented, which are shown off in the clip, which should make inspecting items at a crime scene and interacting with the environment as a whole feel a lot more natural. The 3D Touch capabilities of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers will likely add an interesting dimension to normal investigation segments. 

But what really looks intriguing are the changes that appear to have been made for the interrogation sequences. If you’ve played L.A. Noire before, you’re no doubt used to the “truth,” “doubt,” and “lie” options that occasionally result in some very strange responses from Cole toward his subjects. These options have been revamped for “good cop,” “bad cop,” and “accuse” instead. Perhaps with the new wording the previously sometimes awkward situations will be alleviated. 

Check out the latest Switch clip to see these new changes in action.