Lake Kingdom Purple Coin Guide: All the 50 Coin Locations


The Atlantis-inspired Lake Kingdom is the fourth kingdom that Super Mario Odyssey players can explore in the game. Your main focus will be on collecting the kingdom’s moons, but you’ll also want to every purple coin you can. These coins can then be traded in for regional items such as souvenirs and clothing. There are a total of 50 coins on the map, and

Here is how to find every one of them.

Click the image for a larger version of this map.

1) The first three coins can be found underwater near the Odyssey. You will see a zipper on the ground that you can throw Cappy onto and open, revealing the coins underneath.

2) After collecting the previous three coins, another three can be found just above them. Use the flower to get up to the ledge and throw Cappy at the wooden poles to get them.

3) There are three coins hidden just behind the Odyssey. They’re easy to find, but it’s also easy to miss them if you’re rushing through the map.

4) When entering the world for the first time, players will notice two destroyed pillars in the water in front of them. Behind those pillars is another hidden zipper. Use Cappy to unzip the wall and find more coins hiding behind it.

5) As players leave the starting area, they’ll be forced to dive deep into the water in the caves. When you reach the air bubbles below, turn around and you’ll see four coins.

6) After navigating your way through the tunnel, you’ll find a large underwater area to explore. But don’t go exploring just yet! First look for a nearby flower that you can hit with Cappy to take you to an elevated area that links the starting section and newly discovered underwater section. Four coins will be just out of reach, so grab some nearby Goombas and use them to reach the coins.

7) When you exit the tunnel system swim upwards and right and you will see three coins just shy of the surface.

8) There are also three coins hidden just to the left of the city under the water, you’ll need to use Cappy to remove the stumps to get them.

9) Just above the previous coins are three more hidden on top of the city under the water. Simply swim upwards and towards the end of the map to grab them.

10) After these coins, dive down into the city. There are three more just above an archway that players will need to jump to, to collect.

11) There’s another zipper on a wall near the map’s boss.

12) Just behind that zipper lies another three coins. Use the flower to fly in the air and grab them.

13) Continue on the path towards the boss and you will see four more coins just to the left of you. A well-timed jump will get you to them.

14) After collecting the previous coins, head left. There will be a door hidden in a small alcove just above you. Enter this door and you’ll be greeted to a puzzle. After jumping to the first area, there will be a small ledge you can jump across. You are meant to go right to complete the level, but go left instead to find three hidden coins just out of view.

15) The last of the coins are hidden inside the 2D puzzle, located at the top left of the underwater section of the map. After entering the pipe, run to the very end of the stage and wait for the platform to catch up to you. Use it to reach the final four coins in the air.