LawBreakers Remain Unpopular Even During the Holiday Break


LawBreakers is not doing well. Earlier this year, the arena shooter’s player count dropped as low as 10 players, with multiple free weekends offered throughout the fall. But new data from Steam Charts shows that the game won’t recover even during the holidays.

According to LawBreakers’ data with Steam Charts, the game has seen around a 58 percent drop in players in the past 30 days, with the peak player count falling from November’s 420 to only 90 in December. That’s pretty dire. In comparison, August’s peak player count was 3,003. In October, it was 823. Those numbers were scary, but with December’s strikingly lower player numbers, the game is clearly dying a slow but certain death.

And while the holidays did boost LawBreakers’ players, the increase simply isn’t by much. On Dec. 26, as much as 71 LawBreakers players hopped into the game, with as many as 90 players online the following day. That’s a jump from some of December’s other peaks, like 36 players on Dec. 7 or 24 on Dec. 17.

But data from Steam Charts suggests the game won’t quite break 100 players, as current peak player counts for today have already maxed out around 78 players. Even during opportune play hours, like midday, the game just isn’t reaching its summer highs.

Oh. And the lows are still very low. Overnight on Dec. 23, the game dropped to 0 players. And on Dec. 8, it dropped to only nine players. Let’s face it, people just don’t want to play LawBreakers, even when the cold weather sends everyone inside for the holidays.

For the time being, LawBreakers is 50 percent off on Steam, discounted from $29.99 to $14.99. But at this point, it’s unclear if even a holiday sale will boost the game’s popularity. After all, when a multiplayer game is slowly dying, what’s the point in buying it?