Legend of Chun-Li writer Justin Marks to pen Dead Space Movie Script: EA

A movie based on Dead Space video game franchise is still ALIVE. The publisher Electronic Arts has just announced the name of the writer who will pen down the script of Dead Space movie.

Dead Space MovieAt San Diego Comic-Con, EA announced Justin Marks (the man behind famous Street Fighter: The Legent of Chun-Li) to pen down the script of Dead Space movie.

At SDCC, Justin Marks said the movie adaption of Dead Space shouldn’t replicate the action of the game.

You would be making Event Horizon or Alien,” he said. “I’ve already seen that movie.”

Marks further added that he will tell the story in a way that’s new and intriguing.

For those who are unaware of Justin Marks’ Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was lambasted by both critics and fans across the globe. Now you guys can just image what the fate of Dead Space would be.