Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild HUD Mode Pro Hide Mini Map Temperature Meter


A gaming channel on YouTube Gehab, had uploaded a video on Breath of the Wild “PRO” SETTINGS MENU Setting that shows after turning on Pro Mode in the game it hides necessary options on the right bottom of the screen that includes a Mini Map, A temperature gauge, etc. Seems to be pretty challenging for pro gamers. The mini map at least is a required part that can guide you where you are really going, instead of moving around.

The video also gives a good amount of information about the Switch that you can check out below. The switch looks a like a great console, but what matters the most is how well developers can port leading titles on this platform. Nintendo is always in a separate league of games compared to what we got on other popular platforms like Xbox or PlayStation.

Breath of Wild official launch is scheduled for the month of March. The demos on the web shows the glimpse of its performance on a switch as well on Wii U. A few issues reported were related to the graphic performance noticeable in the demo. The expected final version could bring the much polished game for both the platform.