Level-5 Possibly Working On PS4 Exclusive Dark Cloud 3

We know Level-5 is currently working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, just like Ni No Kuni and The Wrath of the White Witch was to PlayStation 3, but there’s no clue about what it could possibly be. Now we have some more info and speculation to discuss, since it seems this game could be Dark Cloud 3.

Dark Cloud 3

Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 were among the most appreciated games of respectively the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 eras, and fans have been asking for sequels for years, without apparently any chances this could really happen anytime soon.

By the way, last night Sony mistakingly published a Dark Cloud 2 video where the PS2 game was running on a PlayStation 4 thanks to the backwards compatibility program which was only recently announced. The video in question has been removed so far.

This could really mean something for the Dark Cloud fans as, again, we know a PlayStation 4 exclusive game is in the works at Level-5 and bringing Dark Cloud 2 to the current-gen system could be a smart way to anticipate the announcement and launch of Dark Cloud 3.

Of course this is just speculation, but we think there couldn’t be better place for Level-5 and Sony to announce this new title than the PlayStation Experience 2015 which is going to air this Saturday.

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