LG demands PS3 sales to banned in US

Clearly a case to have supremacy over one another. According to the reports Korean electronic manufacturer LG (Lucky Goldstar) has filed a suit with ITC (International Trade Commission) to ban the sales of Playstation 3 and Bravia TV in United States due to apparent infringements on Blu-ray playback patents.


The L.G suits claims that Sony’s HD TV infringe almost four patents, whereas Blu-ray players product including Playstation 3 infringe four others. If ITC find the complaint to be true then we might see a banned on import of these product in US.

More than a legal battle it seems more like a Cat and Mouse battle, if you can recollect properly, Sony filed a similar sorts of lawsuit against L.G, which claimed that L.G phones phones infringed on their patents, and a civil lawsuit which target LG Blu-ray players.

It will be interesting to see in whose favour ITC gives its judgement.