Liberty City Could Have Joined GTA V As An Additional Or Cut Content, Comparison Screenshot Leaked

GTA V screen

GTA V Image 3

Some members of the GTAForums were looking around the portfolio of Adrian Page, an artist at Rockstar since 2011. Page’s portfolio contains several screenshots of GTA 5, including alpha and beta builds all the way up to the retail release.


Those screenshots, it has been discovered, included a brand new version of Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City re-created in the GTA V graphics engine.

This would basically seem to suggest there was, at a certain point, an idea for Rockstar Games to bring Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto V – we don’t know and can’t tell as of now whether this could have regarded the single-player portion of the game or GTA Online.

One would say we can’t exclude this could happen one day or another to GTA V as additional content, although it looks to late in this game’s lifecycle to release such big single-player DLC.

GTA Online would make more sense, but it easy to imagine that content has been definitely cut from the latest Rockstar’s project, maybe really because it was too big for them not to delay the main title.