Lie Detector Game From THQ

THQ has announce a new game title for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii called Truth or Lies. Truth or Lies from THQ will be a simple and casual game which will use a microphone of gamers for detecting whether gamer is lying or saying the truth.

The most important fetaure of the game is the multiplayer feature where at a time upto 8 gamers are allow to play. Each
player will be ask some set of question and with the use of voice calibration system a stress level and other factor will be
measure when the gamer answer the question and accordingly the result will be process and declare.

There will be a total of 3000 question store in the game, and gamers will have a option of recording their own question and
setting up the gameplay for their friend and family in a Hot Seat mode of the game.

THQ press release:

“Friends and family will be squirming in their seats as they answer some of the game’s silliest and most provocative
questions in the new Truth or Lies video game, the gameplay will lead to revealing and hilarious situations among friends and family”.

Truth or Lies will be release in the Autumn of 2010.