Follow Chloe and Rachel Amber in the new Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 trailer


Life is Strange: Before the Storm is back with a new trailer showcasing the game’s second episode.

With protagonists Chloe and Rachel Amber having met for the first time in the previous installment, the adventure continues as both deal with very different issues in their personal lives. Things also get a whole lot hairier as the story progresses further.

Chloe’s stepfather David is moving in with her mother Joyce, and she’s becoming even more entangled with her drug dealer. As she and Rachel Amber spend more time together, they reach terrifying new lows and breathtaking highs together. They also say a lot of cringeworthy things to each other along the way, and Chloe needlessly mistreats her new stepfather, but that’s beside the point.

There are more than a few fires that look as though they need to be put out as a result of the girls meeting up, and it’ll be an interesting ride to see how things are poised to be tied up in the third and final installment.

The upcoming episode will drop next Friday, on Oct. 19. If you haven’t completed the first one yet, you’ve got plenty of time to do so. It clocks in at a couple of hours and you can enjoy it without having played through the original Life is Strange. In fact, you’ll probably appreciate Life is Strange more going into it after playing this prequel.¬†