Life is Strange brings its unique brand of teen angst to iOS


Dontnod Entertainment’s teen angst simulator Life is Strange is heading to iOS on Dec. 14, Square Enix has announced. It’s just in time for you to take the adventure on the go with you as you head to all of your holiday engagements with tear-stained cheeks and a desire for a friendship like Max and Chloe’s (except a lot less dysfunctional). 

Life is Strange follows a teen named Max Caulfield who unwittingly becomes a part of a situation much bigger than herself when she realizes she’s suddenly been gifted with the power to rewind time. Together with her best friend Chloe Price, she investigates the disappearance of a student named Rachel Amber, simultaneously unraveling the seedy underbelly of the student body of Blackwell Academy and Arcadia Bay. She must make some incredibly difficult decisions, including whether she should save Chloe or let her go. 

The five-part episodic adventure will run $2.99 and comes with Episode 1 for that price. Episodes 2 and 3 will be separate in-app purchases and will be available the same day. Episodes 4 and 5 will launch early in 2018, with a Season Pass available to purchase for Episodes 2 through 5 at a later date. You’ll save 10 percent off the purchase price if you buy the pass. One wonders why the game couldn’t have just been released as a whole. The game will also come with a special set of iMessage stickers you can decorate your messages with.

If you take the plunge with the mobile version of Life is Strange, you may also want to check out Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a three-episode prequel that explores the origins of Chloe’s relationship with Rachel Amber and the history behind Chloe’s attitude and deep-seated emotional issues. It’s a pretty decent thrill ride.