Life Isn’t Easy for Peasants in New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t set to release till February of next year but promises to bring a vast world to experience. A new trailer gives us a little bit of a background into the protagonist’s life and his early days. Henry wasn’t always the hero; in fact, he has a bit of a dodgy past that involves poop slinging as a way of rebelling in his younger days. I guess there’s only so much entertainment a peasant could have back in the day.

The new trailer follows the events after the death of Henry’s parents as he joins ranks with Sir Radzig to get the training he needs. The game is still heavily in development and while backers of the original crowdfunding campaign have had access to a technical alpha and beta for nearly a year and a half now, Warhose Studios promises they’re making great progress.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is also available for pre-order on Steam and will be playable for those lucky enough to attend this year’s Gamescom conference.