Lionhead Was Completely Unaware Of Microsoft Shutting Up The Studio And Cancelling Fable Legends: Report

You might have read about all of that chaos generated by Microsoft shutting up many of its European studios, like Lionhead, and ceasing development on Fable Legends. One would say it was a move the platform holder has been thinking about for a while and took time to discuss with people involved, but it really seems this wasn’t what happened.

Fable Legends

Before the announcement was provided by Microsoft, Fable Legends community manager said that “Whilst we are well aware there is an eagerness for people to have more information and for everyone to play the game, we don’t want to rush something out that will disappoint,” in response to people asking for a final release date.

“We’re taking the time and effort to really review feedback and data and update and improve the game based upon that. Sure, that means a few delays along the way but ultimately it’s better to have a late but good game than an instant but not as good as it could be game.”

Moreover, creative director David Eckelberry discussed the matter on Twitter with a few followers. “More or less”, he said, development’s ceasing came as a surprise for him, adding that:

“Life is full of absurdity. Yesterday Microsoft delivered flowers to my home to celebrate my daughter’s birth. At least I think that was why.”

Moreover, according to GameWith’s Joe Dale, “from the people I have spoken to they were in a meeting being told at the same time as that article went up on Xbox Wire,” which would be really absurd, considering Microsoft said they were already in discussion with Lionhead to talk about the chances to close up the British developer.

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