Low PSP Sales, Reason Piracy: Sony

Sony has seen a very dramatic fall in the sales of their Playstation Portable, now they comes up with reason for this decline in the sale, the reason is Piracy. SCEA is of the opinion that one of the major reason for this hurt in the sale is piracy. SCEA Vice President had said that whatever big announcement regarding the next project they will make that project will have a anti-piracy element involve in it.

Here is the Words in this regard from SECA Senior Vice President:

“It’s become a very difficult proposition to be profitable, given the piracy right now,”, “A lot of the stuff that will be announced at E3 we’re very excited about, because they are huge titles,” Dyer said. “And we also believe that there’s a way that you will be able to, not stop, but slow down the piracy in the first 30 to 60 days from a tech perspective. There’s some code that you can embed that we’ve been helping developers implement in order to get people at least to see a 60-day shelf life before it gets hacked and it shows up on BitTorrent.”

We are bit satisfy with the reason for this decline in sale of Playstation Portable, but one think we can make it out that at E3 someting regarding the new Playstation Portable will be reveal by Sony it might be PSP2 who knows?