Mad Max Includes An Impressive Half-Life 3 Easter Egg

Avalanche Studios is among the biggest Half-Life fans, it seems, as the Swedish studio included an impressive and extensive Half-Life 3 easter egg in the recent Mad Max. Imgur user Swagmastavondagmasta has in fact share images from the game on Imgur, showcasing a really detailed easter egg that will surprise those who love Valve’s supposed trilogy.

Mad Max Half Life 3 Screenshot

As you can see from the images, the easter egg includes a completely burnt up Dr. Freeman, who has lost his arm and the iconic crowbar. The gamer can find both of them nearby, somehow symbolizing the loss of hope for the third main episode of the series to come sooner or later.

The easter egg can be found in the Gutgash’s Territory, there’s even the number 3 emblazoned on the side of a crate.

mad-max-half-life-3-easter-egg-screenshot-1.jpg mad-max-half-life-3-easter-egg-screenshot-2.jpg mad-max-half-life-3-easter-egg-screenshot-3.jpg mad-max-half-life-3-easter-egg-screenshot-4.jpg mad-max-half-life-3-easter-egg-screenshot-5.jpg