Mad Max PS4 vs PC vs XB1 Tech Analysis: “Looks and Plays Great On All Platforms, PC Ports Runs At 60FPS”

Mad Max has been released last week and, after some clue appeared on the Internet, now a final tech analysis and comparison between each platform is finally available, courtesy of Digital Foundry. It looks like the game is brilliant on every platform you will decide to play it so, hopefully, it will only depend on your tastes (the platforms you own, the controller you feel more comfortable, and on).

Mad Max

Anyway, as you can see from the title of this news, we have a few, slight differences between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it comes to quality of textures and frame-rate. Those difference are so sparse you won’t probably notice them.

What you will notice is the game runs at 60fps while at the resolution of 1080p on most of the PCs out there, due to the good work Avalanche Studios did on that version. Furthemore, you will be able to push to 1440p with all max details activated in case you have a very good machine.

Let’s read together the verdict from the Digital Foundry team:

“The PC version of Mad Max may only deliver a relatively minor graphical upgrade over the console versions at 1080p, but the ability to run the game at 60fps provides a definite edge where gameplay is concerned. 1080p60 is easy to achieve on higher-end systems with room to breathe in terms of upwards scalability to 1440p and beyond. For those with lower-end hardware the game offers up plenty of adjustable settings ranging from texture quality and geometry complexity, to lighting and post-processing – allowing for plenty of scalability in order to achieve 30fps and 60fps on broad range of configurations. Mad Max appears well-optimised on PC and getting a satisfyingly playable experience with a good level of graphical quality should be easily achievable on most gaming-orientated PC set-ups.

Avalanche Studios has also spent a lot of care and attention with the console versions too. The near-locked 30fps update ensures that gameplay stays smooth and consistent for extended periods, while the general presentation between the two consoles is pretty closely matched with mostly identical effects and artwork. A reduced Xbox One resolution probably wouldn’t have had a huge impact on the game’s visual presentation bearing in mind the heavy post-processing, but the fact that Avalanche has retained full HD resolution on both versions is obviously a nice bonus.

With that in mind, can one single console version of the game emerge triumphant from the Digital Foundry Thunderdome? Well, if pressed, we’d say that the appearance of lower resolution textures and a slightly less stable frame-rate on PS4 makes the Xbox One game the one to have if you have access to both machines, but the bottom line is that this is one of the closest cross-platform games we’ve seen yet and it’s a game we can recommend regardless of platform.”