Mafia II debuts on top of UK charts

After years of waiting Mafia II has arrived and it seems that a good start, at least they indicate the latest sales data provided by GFK Chart-Track in the United Kingdom, the largest market at European level.

According to the information provided, Mafia II has been at the top of the list of sales, the second most successful launch of Take-Two so far this year, just behind Red Dead Redemption.

Entering platforms Xbox 360 version has been selling at 52%, followed by the PS3 with 41% and 7% PC (It should be noted that PC are not accounted for sales made through various digital download services like Steam).

Another interesting detail is that cumulative sales of the first installment of Mafia, bringing the PC edition and subsequent ports of PS2 and Xbox, hold only 29% of Mafia II sales in its first week, almost nothing. The rest of the list highlights the second position Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Which increases sales by 33 % on the previous week, followed by Toy Story 3 and Dead Red Redemption.