MAG patch 1.07 Update Details

Sony and Zipper just a week ago reveals the new Faction Neutral game mode for their First Person Shooting title MAG, now in the early part of August the game will be updated to version 1.07 via Patch.

The number of features that will be included in the game by this patch involves:

  • A new “Happy Hour” Double XP bonus that’s applied to the first hour of any player’s gameplay session in a 24-hour period.
  • Suppression will join Sabotage as a “Faction Neutral” gameplay mode, allowing any PMC to battle each other on any Suppression map.
  • Faster download and patching code that allows us to update MAG with more content and bigger file sizes in a speedier way.
  • Redesigned versions of the Flores Basin (Raven) and Alyeska Terminus (Valor) Domination maps that include new obstacles and repaired exploits.
  • New lighting effects for more attractive and realistic environments.
  • Various fixes to address bugs or glitches to improve MAG’s overall performance.
  • The complete changes list is not yet out, it is expected to be releasing in coming days so stay tunned for more on this.