MAG to get PlayStation Move compatibility and New Beta Program

During the conference at Gamescom, Sony has confirmed to be release an update for the MAG m which will make it compatible with Playstation Move, isn’t it nice? Along with Move compatibility update there is also info revealed about the Mag Beta program, which will start from 24 August, and all existing Mag game copy owners can take a part in it.

Although there is no release date announced for that PlayStation Move compatibility update yet.

MAG game screenshot screen

From the Mag Blog:

This added support means that users have another way to experience the most ambitious first-person shooter out there. Pinpoint accuracy and easy access to all of the game’s mechanics ensure that players of any type — be they hardened veterans or new recruits — can enjoy a shooting experience unlike any other.

But PlayStation Move support isn’t all we’re working on. Because our upcoming content is so important to the game and its future, we want your assistance to make sure we get it right! With that notion in mind we’re pleased to announce that, one week from today on August 24, we’re inviting existing MAG owners to take part in the all-new MAG Beta program