Major Exploit in GTA Online Allow Players To Make $Billion, Full Details Revealed

GTA Online Card 15

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A mega exploit has been discovered in Grand Theft Auto Online by means of which players are making not millions but billions of GTA$. As per the details we received from our readers and users on Reddit this exploit relies much on social interaction.

Read below how players are making use of this exploit.

“These people have modded common.rpf files (Editing these files is ridiculously easy. It only takes opening them up in Notepad). This means that whenever they rob a store, the money bag has over a billion dollars in it. They “share” the money by going to the cash part, doing share on last job, and then giving people in the lobby 45% or so which would be like 8 million.”

A better description of this exploit: “This is how they are doing it. These hackers have modded PS3’s and they rob a liquor store. The max number of cash you can get from a liquor store is 973 million, they hack the game to get this amount from the job, then they do “share cash from last job”. This way they are able to share the full amount.”

We have no idea whether or Rockstar Games are aware of this exploit, we have contacted them for some official words.