Major Nintendo Switch Leak: Dev Files Share Exact Hardware And GPU Specs, Images, System Details


There is a lot Nintendo Switch information that Nintendo has kept out of public domain, and I am not making this big claim based on my last report/coverage on Nintendo Online Service. Today, a new leak related to Nintendo Switch appeared on Reddit (some confidential documents: NX Overview, System Feature Guide, SDEV Kit Quick Start Document) revealing additional never heard before details about the console, including exact specifications.

Nintendo Switch DKit Specs Leaked

There is a possibility that some of the information in the document are outdated, but there’s is no doubt that most of them are still relevant and makes it to the final retail version of Nintendo Switch. Reddit user “dreamsomebody” has compiled a list of all the new Nintendo Switch information from the leaked documents. You can check them out below (don’t miss out on the Specification details):

  • HD Rumble’s technical name is a Linear resonant actuator
  • When in handheld mode, the Switch will have an unlock screen like a smartphone to prevent accidental waking.
  • The Switch features a Quick Menu. Press and hold the HOME Button for at least one second to display the Quick Settings screen on top of all other screens, including the HOME Menu and any applications. Unlike the 3DS, the active software will not be suspended when this menu is invoked
  • The Switch’s keyboard will feature predictive text such as those on iOS and Android.
  • The Switch seems to support these languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Japanese, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Welsh,
  • There is an option to mute the device if headphones are removed
  • When a game/app is deleted, its icon will remain in the Home menu and its save data will also remain
  • System Settings will allow the user to edit the following settings:
    • Flight Mode Toggle
    • Enable/Disable Bluetooth
    • Manage Wi-fi
    • Manage NFC
    • Manage screen brightness
    • Screen lock
    • User Settings
    • Create/Edit Mii
    • Theme management
    • Controller management
    • System Update
  • Miis will have more options for hair, eyebrows, eyes, facial hair, glasses, mouths, and skin.
  • Miis will not store the creator’s name, their favorites, and their birthday anymore. Anyone can edit Mii characters
  • Developers can create and sell Season Passes for their games
  • This document confirms an X1 like SoC using Maxwell on the final retail version
  • There are NO plans to provide an Internet Browser at this stage but developers are able to access a web applet to display specific websites within their game/app
  • A maximum of 8 users can be registered on a system
  • Friend requests and game invites CAN be sent from the console.

Friend Presence is a feature that uses the Internet to convey information in real time about the online status of friends and the applications they are playing. Among possibilities, we see this being used in the application to check whether friends are in the joinable state, and to use the Friend List system feature screen to show what applications friends are playing.

A Nintendo Account can be linked to multiple Switches BUT save data is not automatically synchronized

There are TWO dev kit devices: SDEV and EDEV:

  • SDEV – Has built-in ports; no built-in battery
  • EDEV – Resembles the retail product exactly but is black color

Game cards come in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB variations.

Nintendo is expanding its online network and offers a library called Network Extension (NEX).


This feature matches players for multiplayer games. It can be used to bring players together based on matching criteria from among unspecified numbers of users, or to create groups among friends only. Groups can be created temporarily for a multiplayer game, or they can be created as lasting entities usable as communities.


This feature uploads scores so users can get the relative rankings. Rankings can be calculated for only a certain period of time, or for only the scores of players registered in a certain group, and the score information can be periodically reset.

Data Store:

This is a network storage feature. Any data can be optionally saved to the game server. This saved data can be tagged, searched, and appended with ratings and the like.


This is a messaging feature based on the publish-subscribe pattern. It can be used to post messages on certain topics, poll for posts on certain topic, and otherwise share information within the application.

Nintendo Switch Exact Specs Leaked

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