Make Savings on the Xbox One S

If you have been waiting to buy into the current generation of Microsoft consoles, now might be the time if you live in America. Microsoft have reduced the prices of some Xbox One S bundles on their online store. They are also offering a deal on select bundles that includes a discounted price and two bonus games, including the upcoming Destiny 2.

If you have been on the fence about joining this generation of consoles and don’t plan on picking up the Xbox One X when it releases on the 7th of November, now might be the time to jump in. With free shipping and those two bonus games you could end up saving a pretty penny. It is highly unlikely that an order placed today would be with you in time for the release of Destiny 2, however.

Other deals include the Xbox One Madden NFL 18 Bundle (500g) for $249, The Forza Horizon 3 Bundle (1TB) for $299 and the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle (2TB) for $349. If you are interested in taking advantage of the offers then head to the official Microsoft Store. There are currently no details on the store about how long these discounts and bundle offers might last. For savvy consumers who like to hedge their bets it may even be worth waiting until after the release of the Xbox One X to see if any reduced pricing occurs for the older models.

The Xbox One S released with various addition features over the standard Xbox One, including a reduced size and the ability to watch Blu-ray movies and video streams in 4k Ultra HD. The system also offers High Dynamic Range support to “bring out the true visual depth of your games and media”.

It is unclear at the present time if these deals will be expanded to other regions and retailers, so be sure to keep an eye on official channels for any updates.