“Many New IPs for PS4 Already In Development, Waiting For Right Time To Announce Them” says Yoshida


Playstation 4 had a successful launch in North America, the console went on to sold over ONE MILLION units in just first 24 hours time period, the fastest console launch ever in gaming industry history.

Shuhei Yoshida With PS4The hype surrounding PS4 is not dying out, and look like Sony is no mood to let it go until the launch of console in Europe on November 22, and to keep gamers excitment at higher level president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida stated that there are numerous PS4 games currently in development at Sony Studios and most of them are new IPs rather than a established franchises.

Yoshida in a recent interview to Financial Post stated: “We have a large network of studios in the world-wide studios. We are launching PS4 with five first party titles. Knack, Killzone Shadowfall and Resogun, and Flower and Soundshapes from PS3. But there are a lot games in productions and there are many great studios working on PS4 titles. Many of them are new IPs, and we are waiting for the right time to announce them. So down the line, great games are coming from these first-party studios.”

This wording from Yoshida, “Sony is waiting for the right time to announce it”, definitely points that the firm has there strategy already in place for PS4 related announcement and reveal. Way to Go Sony to be a market leader in next-gen console war.