March Game Informer Issue Offers Details On Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay, World And Enemies


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to be featured as March cover game on Game Informer, and we as usual have a chance to have an early look at the magazine itself before it releases. Lots of details have popped up on the Internet, especially on NeoGaf, which we suggest to look at if you want the bigger picture.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Among the most interesting things we can notice, Game Informer didn’t go into anything familiar when it comes to items and music, which doesn’t mean we won’t see or hear anything Zelda throughout the Breath of the Wild adventure, but that portion they played didn’t feature anything like this. Dungeon structure is also said to have benefited from a simpler approach from Nintendo.

Link can rest in bed and have his health restored, while his horses can be killed by enemies. There’s a dynamic weather system, which also has NPCs reacting dynamically depending on which climate happening occurs. There are more than 100 shrines throughout the game, but you can go directly to Ganon to complete the game – if you can. Wind Blight Ganon is a huge monster, has no face and can create tornadoes.

  • Nintendo previously made Zelda games by making small areas and connecting them together
  • For Breath of the Wild, the team first had to figure out what needed to be placed on the map
  • Groups were created out of the over 300 devs to work on specific sections of the world
  • Game Informer’s demo starts at Serenne Stable
  • Yammo runs this place
  • Link can rest in bed and restore health here
  • Stable also lets you store horses, meet with merchants, NPCs
  • Stables are located throughout the world
  • Each one is run by a distinct character
  • You can spend rupees on a more expensive bed, giving you an extra heart the next morning
  • These hearts are yellow and can’t be recovered if you’re hit in combat
  • Spending time by fires in the world passes time
  • Dynamic weather system in the game, with the world reacting as a result
  • Ex: when it starts raining, NPCs outside the stable quickly go inside
  • Beedle is back to sell you goods
  • Have to be careful during a thunderstorm, since your metal items can attract thunder
  • Metal weapons and shields can be discarded or thrown at enemies
  • Link can get killed by lightning
  • Difficulty dips/spikes depending on where you are, since you can go around it and avoid it until you’re stronger
  • Over 100 Shrines
  • You can find an item that identifies Shrines
  • Discover a Shrine for it to be a fast-travel point
  • Shrines also give a Spirit Orb
  • Trade in orbs for unknown items
  • Dedicated team handled animal A.I.
  • Bears, wolves, deer move through the snow
  • You can get overwhelmed by enemies quickly
  • Link can keep multiple horses at a time
  • Affection/loyalty important with horses
  • Feed and take care of horses to raise their stats
  • Can call horses over to you, but horses need to be within a certain proximity to be called
  • Horses can be killed by enemies
  • Aonuma “wanted players to choose their own path”, so no companion character in this game
  • Stamina meter encopasses sprinting, paragliding, climbing
  • Meter can be upgraded, but Nintendo won’t say how
  • Different shields have different speeds and level of control for snowboarding
  • Can mine rocks which can be solid for rupees or used for crafting
  • Can place stamps to mark areas of interest
  • 100 of these symbols can be used on the map, including sword, shield, bow and arrow, pot, star, chest, skull, leaf, diamond
  • Every style of weapon has a unique set of animations and feel different
  • No invincible weapons in the game, Nintendo says
  • UPDATE 2: Zelda can get mad at you and scold you (See below for more details)
  • Players can see the ending without seeing everything from the story
  • A certain element was added in the game to make for a more cohesive storyline

New dungeon

  • Nintendo took Game Informer directly to a dungeon
  • This dungeon is constantly moving
  • Game Informer says “Link must manipulate the entire enormous mechanism through his own ingenuity”
  • Players can skip dungeons if they want and go straight to Calamity Ganon
  • The substance known as malice covers the dungeon
  • Link gets hurt if he touches it
  • Can be destroyed by finding and attacking each pocket of malice’s eyeball
  • Sheikah Slate serves as Link’s map, binoculars, more
  • Use the slate in the dungeon to see a 3D model, tilt the entire dungeon from here
  • Doing so slides blocks into place and opens up angles you can use to paraglide to new locations
  • Voice tells you that you need to access terminals with the slate across the dungeon, marked on your map
  • All bombs in the game are remote and don’t blow up on a timer
  • UPDATE 1 : Simpler approach with dungeons in Breath of the WIld (Read below for more details)
  • Game Informer didn’t see the familiar chest opening animation and signature music
  • Never found a signature Zelda item or compass
  • Wind Blight Ganon is the dungeon boss here
  • Voice tells you, “It’s one of Ganon’s own. It plays dirty.”
  • Wind Blight Ganon is a huge monster, has no face, gun-like arm
  • Wind Blight Ganon can create tornadoes and will fire large spikes