Mario and friends could be headed to the big screen for animated movies


Mario just made a splash on the Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey, and now it looks like the plumber is finally going to make his debut on the silver screen, too. No, that live-action Super Mario Bros. movie didn’t count. This is Mario, Luigi, and friends all on their own, the way they’re meant to be portrayed. 

Illumination Entertainment, the same studio that brought us the popular yellow Minion characters and the Despicable Me films, is in talks with Nintendo to create an animated Super Mario Bros. movie based on the exploits of the classic video game series. It appears that the two companies are moving closer to reaching an agreement that would bring Mario and friends to the movies in the near future. 

The agreement would allow for multiple movies based on the Mario universe, though there’s only one apparently in the works thus far, The Wall Street Journal reports. Illumination’s Paris studio Mac Guff would be handling development, and it wouldn’t be out on screens for another few years or so. 

The animated movies would act as supplemental properties to the theme park via Universal Studios that’s set to open soon featuring Nintendo characters as well. It would be interesting to see familiar Nintendo characters coming to movies, especially with the unique challenges of characters that hardly speak, like most of Nintendo’s cadre.

If a deal is reached, we’ll have to see what those kinds of movies might entail in the future. Could we see a Minions and Nintendo character crossover? We’ve seen stranger things, like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, after all.