Mario Creator: It Takes One Year To Make Ports From PC For Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is a pretty interesting Nintendo machine, considering it is based on a Nvidia architecture which is reportedly making it easier to see third party titles on it in comparison to the previous consoles Wii and Wii U. But how much easier it’ll be? During the recent meeting with investors, Shigeru Miyamoto offered an unexpected insight about this matter.

According to a report coming from analyst Hideki Yasuda, Miyamoto said that porting games based on PC as the lead platform to Nintendo Switch only requires one year of work. This means that third party devs could now be bringing their products to Switch and we’ll be seeing them release throughout 2017 or at the beginning of 2018 and that in the future they could have shorter timelines where the new Nintendo platform could be considered to ship multiformat titles sooner.

The console itself was revealed to third party partners last Summer, it is reported too, which basically confirms those timings. Nintendo Switch releases on March 3 and is not featuring great third parties’ titles to start with, apart from few indie games and Skylanders Imagination, which has been around for a while now.