How to get a Mario hat in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Nintendo is celebrating the one year anniversary of Super Mario Run with an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp crossover event.

Pocket Camp players are able to unlock Mario’s hat—called Big Bro’s hat in Pocket Camp—until Jan. 15. “We’re celebrating one year since the release of the Super Mario Run game with a special gift for you,” the notice in Pocket Camp reads. “The gift has already been sent to your mailbox.”

To get the gift, players need to open their Pocket Camp mailbox and “collect” the item.

From there, players can find the hat in the items tab under clothing. Putting the hat on plays a little Mario tune, which is a nice extra touch.

Nintendo is also running a celebration in the Super Mario Run application itself. The limited-time Super Mario Run event introduces a new mode called Remix 10, which is “a fast and fun new way to get in on the [Super Mario Run] action,” according to Nintendo. The Super Mario Run anniversary event runs until Dec. 29.