“Mario Kart 8 And £200 Price Tag” Are Last Chances For Struggling Wii U says UK Retailers

Mario Kart 8, is the only hope and last chance of Nintendo’s struggling console Wii U, according to some major UK retailers who recently spoke to our friends at MCV under the condition of anonymity.

One of UK Retailer Boss said: “A sub-£200 machine will help, and Mario Kart is desperately needed to reach the fans,”

Mario Kart 8“We also need something revolutionary that makes use of the second screen and has mainstream appeal, which is easier said than done.”

Another Retailer added: “There is only one real last chance for Wii U and it is Mario Kart 8. It could still be the game that sparks interest in Wii U, but it would need to be combined with a more mass market retail price.”

Third retailer in simple term commented: “£199 and Mario Kart 8. Simple.”

Wii U is really struggling in gaming market across the globe, so do you think its this simple i.e “£199 and Mario Kart 8” to save it on short-term basis until next-gen home console arrives on retail shelves from Nintendo?. Share your views with us in the comment section below.

An anonymous source recently leaked the specs of Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen consoles codename as “Fusion Terminal and Fusion”, you can read specs HERE and compare it with Xbox One and PS4.