Speedrunners continue to push Super Mario Odyssey towards the hour mark


Super Mario Odyssey was just released nearly two weeks ago, but speedrunners are continually pushing to set new goals.

Vallu, a Finnish speedrunner who owns world records in multiple Mario games, such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land, recently recorded a time of one hour and 13 minutes. A week ago, speedrunners were completing the game in less than 90 minutes20 minutes slower than the current world record.

New moons, tricks, skips, and movement options have come from multiple people around the world to push the game towards uncharted territory.

Most of the route used by IMtendo’s original world record speedrun a week ago is non-existent. Many of the moons and paths that players took have either changed to bring in faster strategies or have been further optimized with recently discovered skips and tricks.

The community has been working tirelessly to try out new strategies in an effort to save crucial seconds. Extensive testing has been done by a few members of the community, only for it to become irrelevant by a new method hours or days later.

It’s crazy to think that what’s currently considered the best route could become irrelevant just a few moments later.

The community is still working now to find new techniques to save more seconds, all with the aim of making the speedrun perfect.

It won’t be long now until any percent is truly dead.