Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle adds Versus Mode to its repertoire


It may have been a while since Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle made its official debut on the Nintendo Switch, but the game is getting a free update with new content in the form of a “Versus Mode.” 

On Dec. 8, players will be able to challenge each other either on the same system with two controllers or Joy-Cons to matches with three-hero squads. You can choose which characters you want to use in each match, and you can use any of their abilities to fell your opponents. 

Turns go back and forth with players getting three actions per turn, making the biggest challenge the most presents. You’ve got to be particularly strategic with the way you plan out your moves, because less is more here. Fewer moves mean fewer opportunities for victory, and you’ve got to make sure you’re on top of your game. 

Across several quick matches you can select more powerful versions of each base character, with each set of levels spanning 7 to 10 turns. The Showtime option that turns on later in the game can power up regular items into “super” items as well, offering additional ways to complete certain objectives. 

It’s a much-needed addition to the excellent single-player antics of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so if you’ve got some time tomorrow and want to spend some time on your Switch, you could do a lot worse than grabbing this free update.