Mario RPG Crossover With Rabbids Coming To Nintendo Switch At Launch, In The Making At Ubisoft: Report

New rumor confirms something we’ve already seen during the last few months – Ubisoft and Nintendo might be working on a crossover between Mario and Rabbids. This is apparently set to be a turn-based role playing game called Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids”. The title is said to be coming right on Nintendo Switch’s launch day in March 2017.

Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids For Nintendo Switch

According to Nintendo well informed reporter Laura Kate Dale, Invasion of the Rabbids “is being developed under the watchful monitoring of Nintendo, ensuring that it both hits launch day and that it conforms to Nintendo’s own internal specifications for how Mario characters and iconography should be presented.”

This is an interesting piece of the report, actually.

“The title will focus on the Mario universe being invaded by Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters, some friend and some foe, and will feature a new Bowser form based on the design of the Rabbids as a recurring boss enemy. While there will be numerous cameo appearances from the Mario series’ best known characters, the core party will feature numerous, more minor characters. There is a particular focus on Yoshi as a primary party member, alongside a playable Rabbid.”

Mario RPG is said to be receiving a playable demo ready for press to experience in January, and will feature a quick save system to ensure that saving is possible on short notice if the battery on the Nintendo Switch handheld is running low.