10 YouTubers couldn’t beat one speedrunner in an epic Super Mario 64 Online race


A speedrunner has defeated 10 YouTubers using Super Mario 64 Online in a race on the original Super Mario 64.

Ten YouTubers used Super Mario 64 Online to try to get 70 stars and beat Bowser before a lone speedrunner could. The aim was simplework together to collect seven stars each and meet at Bowser for the final challenge.

Sadly, however, the speedrunner, SimpleFlips, proved too powerful in his abilities as he took the crown and beat the 10 YouTubers with seconds to spare.

The speedrunner was behind for a majority of the race but somehow got back into it in the final few minutes, as the YouTubers struggled to make it to, and defeat, Bowser.

This seems like one of the best ways to use Super Mario 64 Online—creating interesting challenges and races. But with the recent DMCAs that Nintendo issued last month, the community may not have much time for many more races like this on Super Mario Online.