Mass Effect 2 corrupting save files on PS3 – Ways to avoid and FIx it

Apparently, many users are finding problems with Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3. Some players are getting corrupt saved games and some getting issues due to which they have to start the game again after few hours of gameplay, both issues are one and the same.

Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper

For now BioWare says that they are working on it and trying to figure out issue. But it seems to be very clear case of bug, At BioWare forum you canwalk by questioning of users who have had this problem to discover where it comes from.

At PlayStation forums user name homerjnick has posted a temporary procedure to avoid and fix this issue which goes as:


1) Disable from the options, the auto- sign in to EA servers and play your game always offline, disconnected from the internet.
2) Also from the options, disable the autosave feature (but don’t forget to save ) since a lot of people had their problem occur during autosave.


1) First thing you do is you delete from your PS3 everything that has to do with Mass Effect 2 data. Your saves, your profile data (which cannot be copied but it doesn’t hold save information), the game data (i.e you “uninstall the game”), the DLC data, corrupted saves… everything.
2) Now that your PS3 is clean of anything that is ME2 related, you should sign in to your PSN ID and go to the PS store. Re-download the DLC without even touching ME2. This is important! I repeat you download the DLC first, you DON’T download the DLC through the ME2 game and don’t install the game or even put into the drive of your PS3 yet. Don’t try to install the DLC when the download is complete.
3) Next step is to disconnect your PS3 system from the internet ENTIRELY! No internet connection at all. Everything we do from now on should be completely offline to make sure we do not get involved with EA in any way, the dark side of the moon.
4) After that you put ME2 disc into your PS3 and load the game. Let the game install.
5) Leave the game as soon as it is installed, go back to XMB and find the DLC which is there waiting to be installed. Install it.
6) Next step is to connect your HDD, usb stick or any other means that has your previous backup save file and copy your save files in your PS3.
7) Load the game, it should be working properly now. Also repeat the steps mentioned on how to avoid getting the corrupt save in the future.