Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Faces Flak For No Gameplay Reveal: “Production Is Not Going Well”: Ex-Dev


Mass Effect Andromeda was expected to leave its mark at the first ever EA Play Event (which ended just a few minutes ago). Sadly, the new reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda did not live up to its hype and expectations as Bioware just showcased once again a behind a scene look at the game. Bioware promised to reveal the first look at the gameplay and other stuff at Fall 2016.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Michael Gamble, Producer of Mass Effect Andromeda said on Twitter: “We’ll be showing a LOT more, including tons of gameplay, as we get closer to ship (fall timeframe). We are heads down working hard.”

Mass Effect Andromeda is just SIX months away from release from now (the game is scheduled to launch in Early 2017) and this far Electronic Arts and Bioware has not shared a glimpse of the actual gameplay. This has been a major cause of concern among Mass Effect franchise fans.

Jonathan Cooper, Ex-Lead Animation Lead on Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, has raised a serious question mark on the production work of Mass Effect Andromeda. After seeing the new Mass Effect Andromeda reveal at EA Play event, Jonathan Cooper tweeted:

“Wow. Two E3s with no Mass Effect gameplay. Guess it’s fair to say production is not going well”

Mass Effect Andromeda was officially revealed first at E3 2014. At that time, Bioware and EA showed nothing, and now two years down the line we are still without a proper gameplay, this is indeed a ridiculous situation. When one Twitter user raised this same query with Michael Gamble, this is what he replied:

“You don’t have to believe me you be the judge when you see our game. Simple as that.”

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