Mass Effect Andromeda Devs Working On Day One Patch Right Now

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to be coming with a day one patch, according to BioWare, and that update is still currently being worked upon. Content is not finalized yet, so the Canadian developer can’t provide the specifics of this patch as of now, but has a timeline well in mind and hopes to be releasing it ahead of early access launch.

Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch Information

Lead designer Ian Frazier told fans on Twitter that “can’t fully relax until the day0 patch is done and the game’s actually on shelves. But we are starting to ramp down,” after revealing Mass Effect Andromeda just entered the Gold stage in the development process. He says “day0” because it’s basically being launched before day one on March 23.

“Actually, it’ll be ready in time for the early access players even–we’re pushing hard on it!,” he added on this topic, with producer Mike Gamble resonating with a “that’s the intention. Nothing is 100% yet” which makes the plan even clearer but keeps not revealing any information about the content of this patch.

Mass Effect Andromeda is featuring a multiplayer online component, so it’s likely the day one patch revolves around this and other bug fixes. It’s more than a possibility that the software house crafted the single player adventure first and then added the multiplayer at a later stage, and needs to fix it and balance also based on the feedback coming from pre-release stages.