Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designers tweets about Multiplayer Kits Character Customization

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to launch on 21 March 2017, and a recent tweet discussion between Ian S. Frazier (Lead Designers) of the game reveals some information that can help to use what new things are coming up in the game. In reply to one of the user, he said that this new game will be having ample of interesting changes in the MP kits without telling much about what they really are. In answer to another one he spoke about the option to turn on/off icons of dialogue wheel which could be a small part of game customization.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Finally his spoke about the customization of characters Scott and Sarah Ryder, that allows users to make them look the way they want. This reveals that there would be ample of options inside customization to completely modify the look of characters.

The thing to watch now about this game is its pre-order bonus that has ample of features revealed in the pre-order trailer for PS4. The video below shows players can have three add-ons Deep Space Explorer Armor, Multiplayer Booster Pack and Unique Nomad Skin on pre-order.

You can follow Ian S. Frazier @tibermoon for latest updates on the game.