Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer To Be Based On P2P Connectivity

Bad news, again, for Mass Effect Andromeda supporters. After the announcement of the multiplayer technical test being cancelled few days ahead of its supposed release date, BioWare has provided a further disappointing statement about the Andromeda multiplayer, which we still know very, very few about.

Mass Effect Andromeda To Work On P2P Connectivity

As revealed by producer Fernando Melo on Twitter, Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer won’t be based on EA official servers, but will involve peer-to-peer connection. Yes, just like Mass Effect 3, the upcoming Mass Effect role playing game will feature P2P, which means we’ll possibly meet the same issues encountered the first days of For Honor.

It’s still hard to understand why video game companies still rely on this pretty old and cheap multiplayer functionality, especially when Electronic Arts has a famed online infrastructure which is the core of the sports titles experience right now (FIFA, Madden NFL, etc.).

EA Access members will be able to begin playing Mass Effect Andromeda from March 16, with the full game launching on March 23 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.