Mass Effect Andromeda’s New Protagonist Pathfinder Detailed In New Screenshots

Mass Effect Andromeda is basically up in the air, at least for us who look at it from the outside, and there’s even a chance it won’t release by the end of 2016, according to EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen. Anyway, now we have the opportunity to take a better look at Pathfinder, the new series protagonist, as a few screens depicting the 3D model have surfaced on the net.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The images you can see below come courtesy of the insider Shinobi062, who found them on ZBrushCentral, an online community of 3D modellers. The description reads: “And our Pathfinder character model at Bioware Montreal… for Mass Effect Andromeda – Modelled By Herbert Lowis.”

This is the same character you looked at in the E3 2015 Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, so don’t try and search for something familiar in there – it’s a completely new character who has never been talked about nor depicted in the Mass Effect previous trilogy.

The N7 suit hasn’t changed so much since the last time, although it seems thought to grant more agility to the wearer (in fact he appeared much faster than the other Mass Effect characters in the last trailer).

He’s taking Commander Shepard’s place, and he’s said to be here to stay and help humanity to find a new “path” in order to establish and survive a brand new alien catastrophe.

lead-hero-image-1.jpg lead-hero-image-2.jpg lead-hero-image-3.jpg lead-hero-image-4.jpg