Massive GTA V Spoilers: Michael Spotted Shooting Alien Like Creatures in Leak Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V

Massive GTA V Spoilers, an Alien like creature has been spotted in GTA V. Guys massive GTA V spoiler ahead, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

GTA VThe footage below was uploaded on Floris Gaming Facebook Page, it show Michael on a shooting rampage and his targets are an Alien Like Creatures. Again we are warning you, Massive Spoiler Ahead.

We have contacted admin of the page for some details on this what exactly this Alien like creature. Stay tuned we will update this post as soon we get to hear more from them.

Sep 13, 2013 GTA V by f100000198811790

UPDATE: We have just found out more details on appearance of Alien like creatures in GTA V. Remember leak of GTA V achievement list (if you missed out, check out the full list HERE). It does hinted alien spacecraft and cult abductions in GTA V.