Matte Black Nintendo Switch Variant Looks Stunning


Nintendo Switch is currently available for pre-orders in Standard Grey and multi-colored variants. The console is scheduled to launch on March 3 worldwide for $299. But are you aware of the fact that there is a pure (Matte) Black Nintendo Switch variant also available (to select few Nintendo Switch Game developer)?

Nintendo Switch Black Color Variant

You guys can check out the image of the Nintendo Switch Black color variant below. The Joy-Con controller and the console looks absolutely stunning in Black. This new variant of Nintendo Switch was revealed during a recent interview with Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games. There is no word from Nintendo on whether this Black Variant of Nintendo Switch will be made available to the general public.

Nintendo Switch is considered by Nintendo as a “hybrid” console. It is designed primarily as a home console with the main Console unit inserted onto a docking station to connect to a television. Alternatively, the Switch can be removed from the Dock and function similar to a personal tablet computer through its LCD touchscreen, or placed in a standalone tabletop mode to be playable by several people.

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black-image-1 black-image-2