Michael Pachter Believes PS4 Lineup For 2017 Is The Strongest

Horizon Zero Dawn Rare Loot

During the latest episode of the webseries Pachter Factor, the famed video game analyst Michael Pachter has provided a few statements regarding Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo lineups, underlining that Sony’s will be the best this year and is among the most impressive software lineups in the last few years.

2017 PS4 Exclusive Lineup Is Strong: Pachter

According to Pachter, Sony has been teasing its community for a couple years with not so aggressive lineups, but this time around PS4 will explode all of its strength with Horizon: Zero Dawn and other few games (we could mention Nier Automata, Persona 5, Nioh just to stick to the first half of 2017). More coming in the future, The Last of Us Part II and Days Gone were also mentioned.

Based on his report, Pachter also believes that Microsoft and Nintendo lineups will be pretty interesting overall. Talking about Nintendo, in particular, the analyst thinks that the Japanese platform holder will have a great time if it really manages to release Mario Kart, Zelda, Fire Emblem and Splatoon 2 on time. Which is what we hope for.