Microsoft comments on “Xbox One Being Rushed Into Market” Accusation


After Xbox One was announced at a special event in May 2013, criticis and consumers across the globe criticized the console and stated Xbox One’s development beind rushed.

Xbox OneThis criticism was raised once again on Reddit, but this time around Microsoft via Major Nelson has clarified that Xbox One has been in development for years.

Commenting on Reddit, Major Nelson said: “The Xbox One program has been in development for years, so calling it ‘Rushed’ is incorrect. Did we have a few challenges between May and August? Sure. But we are working on our own schedule – not any one else’s. At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One. That would paint a very different take on the being ‘rushed.”

This is some sorts of an assurance from Microsoft for Xbox community that Xbox One is not rushed like Xbox 360 (which was plagued by nasty Red Ring of Death issues after launch).

Xbox One is schedule to launch in November 2013, however an exact release date has not been announced yet.