Microsoft Creates Xbox Theme Warehouse in France To Showcase Xbox One


Recently it was reported that Sony France has created full-fledge Apartment 4 to showcase their upcoming next-gen Playstation console, PS4, it looked really fabulous.

So does Microsoft has any answer to this marketing gimmick of Sony for Playstation 4?, YES indeed, Microsoft is not far behind in marketing Xbox One. The firm has created a whole Xbox One-themed warehouse in Paris to showcase theor upcoming next-gen Xbox console, Xbox One.

Microsoft shortlisted “Halle Freyssinet” place, an old railways warehouse in Paris, total space 300 meters (almost 990 feet) long and 57 meters (187 feet) wide and this takes the total to 193,750 Sq.Ft.

Take a look at the image showsing the entire area below and how the preparation is going on for Xbox One Showcase Event.

Xbox One Showcase Area France