Microsoft Exec Comment On “Xbox One Less Powerful Than PS4” Claim

Microsoft Studios Vice President Phil Spencer has finally commented on one of the most hot topic on next-gen console war, “Xbox One Less Powerful Than PS4”?.

In a recent interview to ShackNews on controversial topic “ResolutionGate” Phil Spencer was asked: “Whether Microsoft is concerned that Xbox One is seemingly less powerful than PS4? “

To this Spencer replied: “Power is a subjective term. We look at all of the capabilities we put in the box, our investment in cloud, Kinect, and all-in-one entertainment, and our investment in the operating system for fast task-switching.

“We think we’ve built a very powerful system. I don’t think there’s any one vector of power that you can focus on and say we win because this number is bigger than that number. It’s like a car. Is it horsepower? Is it torque? There’s a bunch of things that you look at to see what it’s capable of.”