“Microsoft has made some significant progress in their attitude towards indie developers”: Grip Games

A lot has been said about Microsoft and Xbox One [email protected] program for indie developers. At the time of announcement it was slammed by critics, gaming and indie developer community because of controversial launch parity clause and other factors.

Xbox OneSeeing the outrage, Microsoft made some changes, but things are still going at slow pace when it comes to indie developers supporting Xbox One.

According to a recent official figure, Playstation 4 has 1,000 Indie devs signed on to make games whereas Xbox One only has 250, recently Microsoft’s Phil Harrison stated that controversial Xbox One [email protected] parity clause will continue despite Indie Dev concerns.

We recently got in touch with Jet Car Stunts dev Grip Games co-founder Jakub Mikyska and asked about their working relationship with Sony. He stated that as a partner Sony is Great, and the best part is that they don’t intervene in the development process.

“Sony is a great partner and the most important thing they do is that they stand out of our way when we work on the game, which a lot of other indie developers would confirm is a great thing to do. They also help with promoting the game and provide ideas for improvements.” said Jakub.

However, Jakub also stated few kind words for Microsoft:

“But to be fair, Microsoft has also made some significant progress in their attitude towards indies.”

Its good to see indie developers finally thinking about Microsoft, Xbox One and [email protected], but as mentioned above, Sony is way ahead at the moment. You can read our full interview with Jet Car Stunts Dev HERE.

What do you think, why this massive gap of “PS4 vs Xbox One: 1000 vs 250 indie dev support” still exist even though Microsoft has made some significant changes to their controversial [email protected] policies?