Microsoft Not Satisfied With Xbox One Performance In Japan But “Hope To Continue To Do Their Best”


Xbox One has a disaster launch in Japan, and weeks following didn’t brought any relief, infact sales figures went down from bad to worst, however the good news is that Microsoft is in no mood to give up the fight. On launch day, Xbox One sold 23,562 units, and the third week sale was 1,314.

Xbox One

In a recent interview to popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, Microsoft Xbox Japan Boss Takashi Sensui admitted the Xbox One poor run in Japan but added that they are looking for a long term perspective and will continue to do their best.

“It’s not as though we’re satisfied with the current sales state. We hope to continue through taking user feedback and improving [the Xbox One] and offering content that everyone can enjoy.”

“We are also aware that reaching out to let more people know about the Xbox One is vital. However, the current console generation has become very long. We hope to lay out a long-term vision and to focus on publicity for our console. Taking the first step was very important, and as for how to permeate the market from here, we hope to continue to do our best.”

Its good to see the competitive and never-give-up spirit of Microsoft.